USA Today Daily Crossword April 27 2020 Answers

If you need help with USA Today Daily Crossword April 27 2020 Answers, then you are here on the right place. Every day we will publish at our site the whole solution of the oldest crossword puzzle worldwide.  As a huge fan of USA Today i have been playing their crossword for a long time and now i have created a website to help other fans like me with the answers and solutions of every single question.

USA Today Daily Crossword April 27 2020 Answers:

Pack animal in Peru 5 letters LLAMA
Annoying person 4 letters SNOT
Hosp. section 3 letters ICU
___ and aahed 5 letters OOHED
Bit of 2-Down 4 letters TALE
Con artist’s plan 4 letters SCAM
Another name for a raccoon 10 letters TRASHPANDA
Video game protagonist Croft 4 letters LARA
Decide when the wedding will be 8 letters SETADATE
Liquefies 5 letters MELTS
Pecan or cashew 3 letters NUT
Tons and tons 6 letters OODLES
End of a blowout game 11 letters GARBAGETIME
Cookies with creme 5 letters OREOS
Historical period 3 letters ERA
Take back due to default 4 letters REPO
Lake near Jordan 7 letters DEADSEA
Do you have a guess? 7 letters ANYIDEA
Sentimental types 4 letters SAPS
Sra. counterpart 3 letters MRS
At an angle 5 letters ATILT
Four-legged siblings 11 letters LITTERMATES
Computer user who might say I’m in 6 letters HACKER
Dec. 24 or 31 e.g. 3 letters EVE
The game is ___! 5 letters AFOOT
5K or half marathon for example 8 letters ROADRACE
Large chunk 4 letters SLAB
Spot for paper clips and rubber bands and screwdrivers and pencils and takeout menus and . . . 10 letters JUNKDRAWER
British 37-Down institution 4 letters TATE
Ah makes sense 4 letters ISEE
Make amends 5 letters ATONE
Aliens (Abbr.) 3 letters ETS
Home planet of many fictional aliens 4 letters MARS
Martial arts goals 5 letters BELTS
Parking areas 4 letters LOTS
Body of traditions 4 letters LORE
At the drop of ___ 4 letters AHAT
Flat-topped landform 4 letters MESA
Adderall is prescribed for it 4 letters ADHD
Stone figure in a park 6 letters STATUE
Hannah Gadsby stand-up special 7 letters NANETTE
Not recent 3 letters OLD
Drink that might be full of bubbles 3 letters TEA
Bet-matching phrase in poker 5 letters ICALL
A la ___ 5 letters CARTE
New England college for short 5 letters UMASS
Vehicle such as the qamutiik 4 letters SLED
Hunger pain 4 letters PANG
One of the Three Stooges 3 letters MOE
Neighbor of Yemen 4 letters OMAN
Deities 4 letters GODS
Trig calculation 4 letters AREA
You ___ what you sow 4 letters REAP
Physiques for short 4 letters BODS
Donkey 3 letters ASS
Savings letters 3 letters IRA
Acting legend Moreno 4 letters RITA
Get from rough to final 4 letters EDIT
Brazilian soccer star 4 letters PELE
Breakfast sometimes prepared overnight 4 letters OATS
Qatar leader 4 letters EMIR
Murals and such 3 letters ART
Staple of Nigerian cuisine 3 letters YAM
More dour 7 letters STERNER
Allow 3 letters LET
Calls to mind 6 letters EVOKES
Peruse a book 4 letters READ
___ makes waste 5 letters HASTE
G sharp equivalent 5 letters AFLAT
Layers of paint 5 letters COATS
Japan’s sixth-largest city 4 letters KOBE
Dull 4 letters DRAB
At any ___ . . . 4 letters RATE
Missing for short 4 letters AWOL
Penny’s worth 4 letters CENT
Spanish for you are 4 letters ERES
Muppets creator Henson 3 letters JIM
Briarpatch network 3 letters USA

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