USA Today Daily Crossword April 28 2020 Answers

If you need help with USA Today Daily Crossword April 28 2020 Answers, then you are here on the right place. Every day we will publish at our site the whole solution of the oldest crossword puzzle worldwide.  As a huge fan of USA Today i have been playing their crossword for a long time and now i have created a website to help other fans like me with the answers and solutions of every single question.

USA Today Daily Crossword April 28 2020 Answers:

Puts to work 4 letters USES
___ godmother 5 letters FAIRY
Religious branch 4 letters SECT
List header 4 letters TODO
An ___ but a goodie 5 letters OLDIE
Rake’s creation 4 letters PILE
Yeah right! 4 letters ASIF
Very funny people 5 letters RIOTS
Rio Grande contents 4 letters AGUA
Chewy cinnamon candies 10 letters HOTTAMALES
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again star 4 letters CHER
Partiality 4 letters BIAS
Must be 4 letters IBET
Bestow as wisdom 6 letters IMPART
Wooded areas 7 letters FORESTS
Dentist’s trayful 5 letters TOOLS
Audibly disagreed with a ref’s call 5 letters BOOED
Humdrum routine 3 letters RUT
Hardly angelic 4 letters EVIL
Roll in a first-aid kit 5 letters GAUZE
Mascara wearer 4 letters LASH
Of Monsters and ___ 3 letters MEN
___ asada 5 letters CARNE
Coffee option 5 letters MOCHA
Super mad 7 letters STEAMED
Finally dawned 6 letters SANKIN
The Office star Catherine 4 letters TATE
Playlist component 4 letters SONG
Dagnabbit! 4 letters DRAT
Mardi Gras literally 10 letters FATTUESDAY
One might start with Knock knock 4 letters JOKE
X-ray protection garment 5 letters APRON
Camouflage 4 letters HIDE
. . . said no one ___ 4 letters EVER
Had the capability 5 letters COULD
King cake’s shape 4 letters OVAL
Say it ain’t so 4 letters DENY
Fencing blades 5 letters EPEES
Short-term worker 4 letters TEMP
Neighbor of Nevada 4 letters UTAH
Just average 4 letters SOSO
Fine-tune perhaps 4 letters EDIT
Dot Richardson’s sport 8 letters SOFTBALL
The F of PDF 6 letters FORMAT
aka name 5 letters ALIAS
Object of worship 4 letters IDOL
Sacred ceremony 4 letters RITE
Absolutely! 8 letters YESSIREE
Completely forgets 6 letters SPACES
Obsolete tape type 10 letters EIGHTTRACK
Murder mystery board game 4 letters CLUE
Cheek wetter 4 letters TEAR
Runs on the radio 4 letters AIRS
Sleep on it 3 letters BED
Big-ticket ___ 4 letters ITEM
Gets a new address 5 letters MOVES
I hear you 10 letters POINTTAKEN
Establish 5 letters FOUND
Move like slime 4 letters OOZE
Food served with gari 5 letters SUSHI
Nekkid 4 letters BARE
Stranger ___ Fiction 4 letters THAN
Something put on before a competition 8 letters GAMEFACE
Major underdog 8 letters LONGSHOT
Feline 3 letters CAT
Feature of a 40-Down maybe 4 letters MANE
Place to get some grub 6 letters EATERY
Word before good or legit 6 letters SOUNDS
Plagiarized 5 letters STOLE
Spun tunes at a party 4 letters DJED
Be a vagabond 4 letters ROVE
For each one 4 letters APOP
Not false 4 letters WAHR
Explore a reef say 4 letters DIVE
Parenthood parent 4 letters ADAM
Business-reviewing app 4 letters YELP


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