USA Today Daily Crossword May 3 2020 Answers

If you need help with USA Today Daily Crossword May 3 2020 Answers, then you are here on the right place. Every day we will publish at our site the whole solution of the oldest crossword puzzle worldwide.  As a huge fan of USA Today i have been playing their crossword for a long time and now i have created a website to help other fans like me with the answers and solutions of every single question.

USA Today Daily Crossword May 3 2020 Answers:

Exercise that might be done with crossed arms 5 letters SITUP
Driver’s aid 3 letters GPS
Bites 4 letters NIPS
Pinterest upload 5 letters IMAGE
Manhattan area west of Little Italy 4 letters SOHO
European capital lauded by Vision Zero proponents in 2019 4 letters OSLO
Place for discounted merchandise 10 letters BARGAINBIN
Rod and ___ 4 letters REEL
Strikebreaker 4 letters SCAB
Mattress spring 4 letters COIL
Soft jacket material 5 letters SUEDE
Air freshener target 4 letters ODOR
Embellishes say 4 letters LIES
The Himalayas e.g. 13 letters MOUNTAINCHAIN
Sudden flurry 5 letters SPATE
Post-Mardi Gras period 4 letters LENT
Pigeon’s sound 3 letters COO
Converse competitor 4 letters KEDS
No bid from me 5 letters IPASS
Summer camp beds 4 letters COTS
Savings plan that might be traditional 3 letters IRA
Tend to polenta 4 letters STIR
Impressive selection 5 letters ARRAY
Fall pastry 13 letters PUMPKINMUFFIN
Go upward 4 letters RISE
Winter road sprinkle 4 letters SALT
Well done! 5 letters KUDOS
Warm spell that causes melting 4 letters THAW
Falsetto-voiced Muppet 4 letters ELMO
List entry 4 letters ITEM
Rhyming emigration 10 letters BRAINDRAIN
___ down (pack tightly) 4 letters TAMP
Patch up 4 letters MEND
Target walkway 5 letters AISLE
Golf stroke 4 letters SHOT
Tie the knot 3 letters WED
Foundations 5 letters BASES
Some relatives for short 4 letters SIBS
Apple product 4 letters IMAC
Actress Reid 4 letters TARA
Australian footwear 8 letters UGGBOOTS
Veggie in mame gohan 3 letters PEA
Desert along the Silk Road 4 letters GOBI
MLB team with a Phanatic mascot 8 letters PHILLIES
Like father like ___ 3 letters SON
Take your time! 6 letters NORUSH
Gotcha 4 letters ISEE
Appealed earnestly 4 letters PLED
Dover fish 4 letters SOLE
Sound of disdain 5 letters SNORT
Tappable picture 4 letters ICON
Religious offshoot 4 letters SECT
Scheduled to arrive 3 letters DUE
Rustic stopovers 4 letters INNS
___ Secretary 5 letters MADAM
Clock radio feature 5 letters ALARM
Squirrel’s treat 5 letters ACORN
Letter before kappa 4 letters IOTA
Like a busybody 4 letters NOSY
Not attend 4 letters SKIP
Cuzco’s country 4 letters PERU
Tell it like ___ 4 letters ITIS
Maine’s flag features a moose under one 8 letters PINETREE
Yardsticks 8 letters CRITERIA
Biathlete’s pair 4 letters SKIS
___-CIO 3 letters AFL
Right on time 6 letters PROMPT
Foreign relief org. whose motto is From the American people 5 letters USAID
Baby deer 4 letters FAWN
Meal prep boxes 4 letters KITS
State home to the world’s largest Mormon temple 4 letters UTAH
Trade show presentation 4 letters DEMO
Word after second or helping 4 letters HAND
Lad’s counterpart 4 letters LASS
Frequent flyer’s unit 4 letters MILE
Most tip jar bills 4 letters ONES
Munich-based automaker 3 letters BMW
Bit of eye gel 3 letters DAB

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